Many businesses used to think having a web page was a novelty at most. Now it has become a necessity to not only have a website but to manage your online presence or it could be costing you customers and money you’re not aware of.

For instance, say a customer is looking for a product or service you provide, what is the first thing most people will do to find someone who can fill there wants and/or needs?

Most of your market is going to “Google it”, most likely with their smart phone. Which makes, in my opinion, mobile friendly web pages an absolute necessity. Improperly formatted websites are cumbersome and clunky at best and infuriating and unusable at worst.

And that’s if they even find your site… many times even if your company does show up on the front page, it’s not in a form that you cannot control completely. Examples of this are a review site, directory listing, social media, and blogs or deals sites. The management of these can be time consuming and frustrating to say the least.  

Once on your page, it becomes the first impression and representation of your business. What does it convey? If you’re an online store, stability and security should be of top concern in not only functionality but perception as well.

This website replaces the entire storefront experience for your customer, it is the signage, the front door, the staff, the sales floor and the manager. Everything has to make this a comfortable natural experience for the purchase to occur seamlessly.

Because of the widespread scams online, and even legitimate huge companies having massive security breaches, making a customer feel comfortable shopping online has its own set of challenges. There are also laws for accepting online credit card payments.