According to Wikipedia's article on web presence, "a web presence is a location on the world wide web where a person, business, or some other entity is represented." In my opinion this definition is lacking the important understanding that Web presence refers to anything related your business online, whether it is under your control or not.

Almost any business now has a web presence, whether they like it or not, due to social media as well as review sites for all types of businesses. There have been many changes in all fields of online business as it has become a huge share of the market, such as mobile devices being a common way to access information on the internet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes have made once questionable choices in SEO manipulation a detriment to your business, credit card acceptance laws and best practices for security have changed as fast as the threats that pursue them. And while the challenges and risks for developing and managing an online presence are great, when properly built and managed an online presence can greatly benefit your business by allowing it to compete in an ever growing and evolving marketplace.



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