Simply put web hosting provides a leased space on our server for your website. Most companies have you handle this aspect separately through another business.

Shiver Consulting instead offers integrated web hosting and management, offering you a single provider for everything concerning your web presence. This means one company to contact with any issues and no passing the blame because there is complete accountability throughout every aspect of your web presence at Shiver Consulting. This also allows us to be your single invoice for all of your web presence, with other companies you can end up with several invoices from all kinds of different companies you may not even have known were contracted on your behalf.

One common scenario is for SEO which is sold as a monthly addition, then outsourced through another company and therefore invoiced separately. Add this to the invoice for web hosting, database management, domain name registration, penetration tests, etc. and you can start to see how having one invoice from one company can provide clarity in not only expense but responsibility.